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All About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of Australia’s most sought-after cosmetic procedures. It involves the use of a breast implant placed in each breast to enhance the shape, volume and provide proportion to the rest of the body. Many women have naturally small breasts, but lifestyle factors and the natural ageing process can contribute to the loss of breast volume. For example, pregnancy, weight loss, and breastfeeding can result in deflated breasts, a breast augmentation can replace this fullness with small or shrunken breasts.


During your consultation, our surgeons will evaluate your breasts and body type to develop the best treatment plan for you. Utilizing revolutionary VECTRA® 3D imaging and assessment technology, you will be able to visualize the outcome of your breast procedure and determine which augmentation approach can meet your expectations. Anatomical factors such as the amount of natural breast tissue you have, the size of your frame, and the width of your chest are considered to achieve your objective.


With any surgery, follow-up care is essential. So, we provide patients with ongoing support through our Lifelong follow up. Enrol in this program and you’ll receive regular post-operative check-ups to avoid any potential complications in the medium to long term – all at no additional cost. This program was developed to give patients access to our 14 Point Safety Plan, a new world-leading standard that was developed by ONE Cosmetic Foundation and is now being adopted globally. Even if you’ve had implants elsewhere, you can access our Lifelong Breast Implant Surveillance Program – click here to register for a free screening now. To find out more about the research, 14 point plan and screening program click here.


Successful procedures strike a unique balance between selecting an implant most appropriate to body type while addressing patients expectations. At ONE we use Mentor breast implants due to their high safety rating and patient satisfaction.

Breast implant shapes vary from round to anatomical (also known as tear-drop shape). Round breast implants are available in low and high profile whilst the tear-drop shaped breast implants are available in various widths, heights, projections and sizes. Generally, round implants are more suited to patients that are happy with the breast shape and are looking only to increase in the size of their breasts. Round implants give more upper-pole fullness to the woman’s breast. On the other hand,

tear-drop implants give a much more natural shape to the breast. The more projected lower half of the breast lifts the nipple and may suit those patients with slightly droopy breasts, such as post-pregnancy, breastfeeding or with weight loss.

Different factors affect the selection of the breast implant shape and size. Our surgeons are very experienced in the use of both implant shapes and he will assist you in the decision making process. With the assistance of the Vectra imaging system, we will discuss this in great detail during your breast augmentation consultation. Choosing the size of your desired implants is a very important personal decision. In general, women prefer to have their breast size in proportion with their body which can be proportionally large, medium or small.


We have worked hard to be able to offer an affordable price so patients do feel pressured to visit under qualified practices or destination surgery. Our breast augmentation surgery includes surgeons fee, hospital fee, general anaesthetic costs, compression garments and lifetime follow up care.

Mentor Tear drop Implant – $7,300
Mentor Round Implant – $6,900

Motive Smooth Implant – $7,600


What’s Involved?


Breast augmentation takes 90 minutes in total, a small incision is placed under the fold of the breast and the implant is then carefully inserted under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscles.

Once the implant is correctly in place, the incision is carefully closed in layers with a concealed absorbable stitch. All procedures are performed under general anaesthetic, meaning you will not be awake for the procedure.


After Surgery
After surgery our team of nurses will given post-op instructions. It is important to follow carefully. You will be discharged from hospital when your companion picks you up from the hospital.

Week 1
The first week after surgery you should stick to gentle day to day activities. This includes minimal house duties, staying home as much as possible and sleeping in an elevated position.

Week 2
In the second week of recovery try not to raise your blood pressure too much. You may return to work in week 2 if you have a office job with little physical activity. You may also commence a light walk.

Week 3-5
Weeks 3-5 you can start getting back into a light exercise routine and using more of the lower body, return to more physical jobs and complete more physical household duties.

Week 6-7
Your normal exercise routine and duties can commence from week 6-7. Do not push yourself into being back into your pre surgery routines. From weeks 6-7 you may start swimming and bathing.

Week 12
Running, contact sport, boxing and upper body exercise. Always wear and supportive bra.

What are the risks?

Breast augmentation is not a perfect procedure and like any surgery, it does carry risks. We want all our patients to make an informed decision about their healthcare and chosen procedures, which is why we are upfront and honest about all aspects of this procedure including risks. At ONE our surgeons regularly research how to minimise the possible risks during the procedure and our methods are now being adopted worldwide. Some possible risks of this procedure:

Capsular Contraction

Capsular contraction is a capsule of scar tissue. This can become thickened and result in breast firmness. The exact cause is unknown but factors that may lead to this complication include seroma (development of extra fluid around the implant), haematoma, infection and smoking. Most cases will need further surgery.

Make cancers harder to find

The breast implant can interfere during a mammogram as it can hide suspicious-looking breast tissue, making it difficult to interpret results. At ONE we have a breast implant check clinic that is free to our patient’s post-procedure. Our clinic specialises in breast implant checks post procedure.

Nipple Sensation

Sensation in the nipple can increase or decrease post procedure, it can also be temporary or permanent.

Implants Rupturing or Moving

The implant can shift from its initial placement resulting in further surgery required. Breast implants can also rupture, this may result from natural ageing of the implant or excessive compression or trauma. Saline can be absorbed by the body. Silicon implant leaks are either intracapsular or extracapsular (into the breast tissue). As the gel is now the consistency of thick sticky toothpaste, it often remains in the implant even with a rupture.

Where can I get the procedure done?

Our surgeons are available from the following hospitals for this procedure:

  • Kingsway Day Surgery (Miranda, NSW)
  • East Sydney Private Hospital (Woolloomooloo, NSW)
  • Macquarie University Hospital (Macquarie University, NSW)
  • Kareena Private Hospital (Caringbah, NSW)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly get asked about our procedures, so we have put together a couple of questions we get asked on a regular basis.

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Can I breastfeed after a breast augmentation?

Breast implants do not interfere with lactation while children are often exposed to silicone in medications, food and drinks. There is no evidence to suggest that babies develop any health problems from mothers who have breast implants.

How long will my breast implant last

Unfortunately, breast implants will not last forever. Life expectancy is estimated at 10-15 years.

Can I use my health insurance?

As this is a cosmetic procedure, there is no Medicare rebate or health insurance cover available.

Will I have scars?

Scars are apart of this procedure. The scar is about 3-4cm under each breast fold. With care and diligence the scar will fade over time