Eyelift Reduction (Blepharoplasty)

All About Blepharoplasty

The skin around the eyelids can begin to become loose and sag as part of the normal ageing process for most people. An excess of fat in the lower and upper eyelids can also contribute to this and at times can obscure one’s vision. Eyelid reductions, or blepharoplasty, can correct this, assisting with making the eyes look younger and larger.


We have worked hard to be able to offer an affordable price so patients do feel pressured to visit under qualified practices or destination surgery. Our blepharoplasty surgery includes surgeons fee, hospital fee, general anaesthetic costs and lifetime follow up care.

Blepharoplasty– From $4,900
* some medicare rebates and health fund covers may apply to this procedure

What’s Involved?

An eyelid reduction can involve alterations to the upper eyelid, lower eyelid or both. Loose folds of excess skin are removed from the upper eyelid to help retain the natural shape of the eye. This is normally performed under general anesthetic. Excess skin around the lower eye may be removed to help alleviate “bags” under the eye, while fatty tissue is also removed or repositioned.

The incisions made during the procedure above the upper and lower eyelids are made in the skin’s natural folds, helping to reduce the visibility of scars.


What are the risks?

All procedures involve an element of risk. The general risks involve temporary swelling and a tight feeling around the eyes, bruising, itchiness, general pain and discomfort at the incision site. Very rarely, some people may experience loss of vision.

If you are concerned about possible complications associated with your procedure, ensure you discuss them with your surgeon.

Where can I get the procedure done?

Our surgeons are available from the following hospitals for this procedure:

  • Kingsway Day Surgery (Miranda, NSW)
  • East Sydney Private Hospital (Woolloomooloo, NSW)
  • Macquarie University Hospital (Macquarie University, NSW)
  • Kareena Private Hospital (Caringbah, NSW)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly get asked about our procedures, so we have put together a couple of questions we get asked on a regular basis.

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Will eyelid surgery fix my peripheral vision?

Eyelid surgery only fixes peripheral vision that is blocked by droopy eyelids. There are many other causes of peripheral vision loss, including glaucoma, occlusions, a detached retina or a compression of the optic nerve. If you are experiencing peripheral vision loss, it is important to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor for a thorough examination and diagnosis.

Is the procedure covered by health insurance?

Eyelid surgery is not typically covered under medical or vision insurance policies. However, in rare instances where the procedure is deemed medically necessary, it may be covered.