All About Labiaplasties

A labiaplasty can be used to remove or reduce the size of the labia, the folds of skin around the vagina.

The procedure can be used to remove sagging skin from around the vagina, external tissue that may rub against clothing, or skin enlargement that can be painful when wearing tight clothing or playing sports.

The procedure can also be used in the same way one might choose a rhinoplasty, tummy tuck or breast augmentation, to improve how one feels about their body.


We have worked hard to be able to offer an affordable price so patients do feel pressured to visit under qualified practices or destination surgery. This procedure is performed in hospital, under local or general anaesthetic.

Under local anaesthetic: From $4000

What’s Involved?

A labiaplasty can be performed under general or local anaesthesia and can involve the reduction in size or changing of the shape of the labia using small incisions. Tissue can be trimmed, removed or repositioned, the labia majora may have excess fat removed.

The clitoral hood may also have excessive skin folds removed to help improve sexual satisfaction, and the excess fat may be removed around the general pubic area to help reduce signs of ageing or excessive weight loss.

What are the risks?

General risks include bleeding, pain and swelling at the site of the procedure, as well as the risk of infection, scarring, over-correction and under-correction. A feeling of tightness, numbness or a change in sensation around the area of the procedure may also be experienced.

If you are concerned about possible risks associated with a labiaplasty, be sure to discuss them with your surgeon.

Where can I get the procedure done?

Our surgeons are available from the following hospitals for this procedure:

  • Kingsway Day Surgery (Miranda, NSW)
  • East Sydney Private Hospital (Woolloomooloo, NSW)
  • Macquarie University Hospital (Macquarie University, NSW)
  • Kareena Private Hospital (Caringbah, NSW)